Online store

We offer a comprehensive service of design and implementation of online store on your website. This solution will allow you to sell your products from day one, and is adaptable to any type of business, with maximum security guarantees and various forms of payment.

The importance of our store also being online is fundamental since what we are looking for is to grow as a company and in this way we will achieve an increase in sales in a remarkable way. You should consider it as a necessary investment, since everyone today searches the internet for what they need. Opening the doors of your business with your online store is one more step to your guaranteed success. Internet has expanded the possibilities of any company, the possibility of reaching a greater number of customers regardless of where they are located has made it virtually mandatory that businesses that want to compete in the market have to bet on having a presence in the network . And among the types of web pages that exist, online stores are the best platforms to increase your sales.

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Personalized design

Each online store is unique and represents your company and your brand.

Product catalog

A complete catalog of products classified by categories

Shopping Cart

It provides clear information on the quantity of products that have been selected, individual prices and total.

Customer Registration

Your client will be able to access their account details and be able to manage all their orders.

Payment methods

Different forms of payment available for your online store.

Product Search

Offer your customers the ability to easily find what they are looking for in your store.

Customer Support

Online customer service system such as real-time online chat or telephone contact.

Inventory management

The variety and quantity of products available must be managed correctly to prevent process failures

Security certificate

SSL certificates add an essential security layer to any online store

Store offers management

Management of personalized discounts, coupons and promotions in your online store

Calculating taxes

If taxes are charged for the products, they must be included in the final price shown in the online store

Shipping Methods

Different shipping methods available and automatic calculation of the price or fixed rate.

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