Social Media

Currently the best SEO strategy is one that generates visits to your website. In this sense, social networks are the weapon par excellence. Having a presence in the strategic networks for your business and posting content regularly will make a difference. Social media is one of the most important forms of marketing. It is a way to create a bond with your clients, creating trust towards your sable. At Design Code Solutions we study the networks that best suit your project and manage them

We define the target audience of our client and the axes of communication and then develop relevant content to spread on the networks. In this way we create a community of value for our client and keep it informed to reinforce the bond between the two.

Social networks are an important factor for the recognition of your company. Today when we search for a company on Facebook and it does not have a profile, we begin to suspect it. The importance of social networks in companies grows the greater the use of social networks by users, in the same way, the more these networks grow, the more possibilities they offer us.


Millions of companies, large and small, connect with people through Facebook. You can share articles from your store, videos and photos.


Perfect for building the brand image, it focuses on the publication of photographs.


The best platform to publish promotional videos of your business.


Twitter is the place where people connect with what they are passionate about, share opinions and find out what is happening in the world.


Act as the voice of your organization. Help members get more information about your company, brand, products and services, and job opportunities.


People flock to Pinterest to get inspired and try new things, brand content is non-invasive. It is used by sharing an image that redirects to the blog of the website.


Used by millions of users, the main target audience is young people. The supports used are the image and the video. The content disappears over time.


Platform that is used to discuss various topics and share ideas. Each profession and interest has its space. Your target audience is already in one place.


Blogging platform, similar to facebook. Its main use is to increase the positioning of your website. Intended for young audiences.

Google Maps

If you have a local business, we will arrange for your business to appear on Google Maps. It will connect you directly with customers, whether they search for you in Google search or in Maps.

And if you already have it clear, we make it easy for you ... write us right here with the description of what you need. Let's start a Social Networking strategy for your company!