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A professional website is the basis for having your image and presence on the internet. Any company, whether large, medium or small, can have the possibility of having its business open 24/7. A well-optimized and attractive website where you present your products and services, showing important information to potential customers who are looking for what you offer, no matter where they are in the world.

Our proposal is to create a website that reflects a solid and professional company. What would you do if you run into a new brand, which you don’t know and care about, or just want more information about what it offers? Search it immediately on the Internet, as it is the fastest and most convenient way to inform you. By not having a website you are losing hundreds and thousands of potential customers. You can be anywhere, at any time and reach any audience without moving from where you are. There are millions of people who surf the Internet on a daily basis on a daily basis, mostly searching for a single purpose: Information about something that interests them and that you and your company may offer.

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Responsive Web Design

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A responsive web design is a way to design a website that makes each element of site navigation adjustable based on screen size. Text, images and videos all move in their proper position based on how large the available viewing space is. Not applying an adaptive design can be a problem that directly influences our website and therefore, an error for our online promotion or online marketing interests. This could basically translate to reducing the number of visitors who opt for a mobile device navigation.

The responsive design tries to provide the user with the best possible experience, no matter what device they are using. It’s about making user navigation easier, exploring and understanding so they can get exactly what they want from a site. If your site is difficult to see on your mobile, the user in less than 3 seconds will leave it and go to the site of your competitors.

Hosting management for your website, domain and email

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In order for your website to be always online and available, it is necessary that you have a web hosting or hosting where you can store it. A computer we are used to working with and a home Internet connection would not be enough to make your website available to everyone.

A domain is the name that identifies your website and consists of two parts: the name and the extension. For example, our domain is “designcodesolutions.com”, Design Code Solutions is the name and .com is the extension, in this case it indicates that the domain is commercial. If you want to create your own website, you will have to choose a domain name that identifies you.

If you are interested in having a professional email such as “firstname.lastname@yourdomain.com”, you will need two things: a domain and a mail service. The mail service consists of a space to store all your incoming and outgoing emails. This will allow you to download your emails to your computer and also offers the possibility of accessing your email from any computer, through an online application, this is known as webmail.

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A secure website

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Internet is heading towards security and your company must be there. It is a matter of attending, considering and properly taking care of communications with your users and their personal information. Additionally, your website will be better valued by search engines.

Having a secure website is a sign of the commitment acquired by the company that owns the website with its users. To offer a secure website is to tell users: you care about us, we value security, we value your privacy and we take care of your information.

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