Automation Tools

The day to day of any job has associated routine, mechanical tasks. It is these tasks that produce the most stress.

The nature of these jobs is very versatile but it’s always the same thing: Mechanical jobs that a well-trained monkey could probably do.

At the end of the day these tasks consume time to what is truly important, which is to innovate and find new clients, to grow your business every minute. That is really the value that a person brings to a project, the ability to create. The repetitive and compulsory work of each day really what it does is move away from your goal … improve.

This is the type of task that computers and programming are made for. Everything a program can do for you, a program should do. It is not about eliminating jobs or bringing forward the date when the machines will rebel against us. The objective is that the human being really does what a machine cannot, for everything else the machine is already there. Sometimes we are stubborn and want to do things for ourselves, but the truth is that automation only has advantages. Those tasks will be done faster and with no margin for error.

People are always afraid of change. They were afraid of electricity when it was invented, weren’t they?

Bill Gates

The good news is that to bring automation to your day-to-day, you only need to know well what is that task that overwhelms you so much, or that you think is consuming more time than it deserves. Once you have it well identified, all you have to do is contact us. We will take that job off your daily to-do list.

When we get in touch, we will need you to tell us as much detail as possible about this job you want to automate. Even the smallest detail will be important. Remember that nobody knows your work better than you.

Write us when you have well identified the process that overwhelms you and we will assess what is the best way to take that weight off your shoulders. If any additional information is necessary, we will ask you.

After our analysis we will present you the possible alternatives and we will make a budget for each one. Only if you accept one of these quotes is that you would pay something. You have no commitment, everything we talked about so far is FREE.

If you have read this far, then you have no excuse. The next time you see yourself working on that routine you hate so much, you will remember us and wonder why you haven’t called us yet.

Bring automation to your day to day, technology is for everyone and your business can also take advantage of it. You will be more competitive and little by little you will need to do less so that everything is fine.

Oh, by the way … don’t worry about the technological apocalypse, we promise that any software that Design Code Solutions develops for you, will have as its first lines of code the fulfillment of the Three Laws of Asimov.

So you read something interesting after this, that everything cannot be marketing!

And if you already have it clear, we make it easy for you ... write us right here with the description of what you need. Let's start to automate your work!